USPS Careers

Finding USPS Careers That Fit You:

There are different kinds of USPS Careers and career development for a USPS employee to choose from. They offer different programs to there employees who want to develop there careers in more appropriate way and also to fulfill there goals and take their careers to different levels.

The National Center of Employee Development (NCED) is the U.S. Postal Service’s national center for employee training. They supervise and conduct hands on training for postal employees who accomplish and sustain major high technology postal systems, mail processing equipment and vehicles.

NCED supports postal automation hard work and national expertise training. NCED is nationally well known leader when it comes to of the use of distance learning technology. NCED also enlarges on its local classrooms by means of national networks for live satellite broadcast, computer driven audio graphics courses, audio teletraining, internet technology, plus computer and video to give serious job expertise exercise to postal employees getting into USPS Careers.

The following are the programs available for any employees of USPS who wants to bring there USPS Careers to the next step:

1. USPS Careers: Association Supervisor Program – There main purpose is to choose, and train the employees who had the potential of the position of first line supervisor. ASP will improve technical, directorial, management and working capability by means of complete classroom training and onthe job tasks. The candidates who meet the requirements will learn the serious information and skills needed to become very in effect leaders of U.S. Postal Service. When taking the ASP program you will spend 16 week training to finish the program. This includes classroom training, and on the job tasks, and practical hands on experience. Coaching is the vital factor of the program. Each trainees where assigned a coach who gives instructions and leadership for the whole program.

2. USPS Careers: Managerial Leadership Program – This program is only a two week training program which is based on managerial competency model. The program is a three month period. Week one is centered on the personal and changing factors of leadership and it also includes a rough guide to Lean Six Sigma, giving, coaching and receiving feedback, and in effect messaging. In week two covers communicating activities interconnected to managing complicated business conversations, power, influenced and team development. MLP main purpose is to target both the command center and field employees. MLP candidates are bigger potential managers who have established the capability to move into EAS leadership roles which are not in corporate succession planning (CSP) and didn’t join the advanced leadership program (ALP).

3. USPS Careers: Advanced Leadership Program – this is a three week program which based on the executive competency model. This program is a 6-9 months period. Week one is an all about the business foundation covers that talks about the vital information needed to become a effective leader. Some of the topics may also include tactics, alteration, investment and project management. Week two is all about personal development which includes rich assessments and one on one teaching session. And week three is all about business leadership and business case presentation. The participants are given an assign issue facing the postal service and give there conclusions and commendations to a decision-making panel. The participants of this program should be a non executive and has not has been before on the program.

If you want to try another step for your career with one of the many USPS Careers then you should start thinking now of which program will be best for you.

Take the initiative and look into USPS Careers today!